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Speechless synagogues reawaken

On Saturday October 5, 2013, the synagogue in Ckyne came almost two centuries back into the year 1828 for one day. The year when the new synagogue was built, dedicated and opened to the former religious community. Despite the fact the Holocaust left no one Israelite only, it was not a full end of the Ckyne community, nor the end of the synagogue.

All around the world there are interspersed the direct as well as indirect descendants of those whose graves are being gradually restored in the Jewish cemetery. Eighteen of them came to the place of their ancestors to take place in the celebration of the rededication of the synagogue.  And the synagogue arose from the ruins, in all its glory once again ready for prayers.

It will be The House of Intercession again - the former winter prayer room is restored with the original Torah ark, a lamp, and we have - almost miraculously - the origin Torah scroll, most likely the same one, which was read here over 185 years ago...

But it will be a very interesting art gallery as well. At first there are shown the gifts to the Synagogue - the major authors of the region and a valuable collection of Dr. Jan Podlešák who donated them to the synagogue. The chapel is decorated by the graphics by Jindrich Boska jn .

Further it will be possible to see the library of Judaic literature from the three estates of our former members, and again very valuable old books and publications donated by dr. J. Podlešák . The library is also a study room, where besides the prints the database of the emerging areas our synagogue is engaged are available from the spring next year. And there is also a small cinema room with very good technique - the future possibility not only for movies and entertainment, but also seminars, educational programs, readings, workshops, lectures and the like.

However, mainly it is the largest and most beautiful former main prayer hall. Acoustically exceptional, conceived so as to fulfil the role of a concert hall and a suitable place to dance outputs, theatre performances, exhibitions or Advent art workshops as well. Exhibitions are designed to „wardrobes“, it is possible to close and use the hall for performances, or leave it open for lectures,  concerts focused to perhaps klezmer or world music.

But its mission is to be a memento.  A monument to those who were removed from our world.  Memory of the viable communities significantly contributing to the flowering of the places in which they lived. Permanent reminder of the temples, which were demolished.

Exposure of the speechless synagogues is dedicated to all those of less fortunate than the synagogue in Ckyne . For their eternal memory and remembrance. .

All of these is covered by a core, centre acting as a connecting element of all around, and it is the Information Center. It will cover all the activities in the border districts of the Czech side - Strakonice and Prachatice districts, and the both parts of the Sumava mountains - the adjacent districts of Bavaria. There will be found literally everything interesting, whether it relates to culture, history, architecture or nature - especially Sumava foothills. This is possible through a close cooperation with the Bavarian side, and of course the internet connection on the amount of supporters and contributors we have accumulated over the years. As said at the introductory meeting with the Bavarian region of our main advocate, Mr. Hermann Löffler, we will try to return to the situation before the war and delete the borders...

 To be possible to handle all of this, we have divided the spiritual and other activities into two parts. The installation of high tech equipment, gradually forming exposure, preparation of an exhibition, filling the library, and we have given a special passion to a dignified return of the Torah and the rededication of the synagogue. Speaking about organisation, it is on the edge, luckily new people have come to join the Association with hands willing to help.

The real and permanent „Opening of the Synagogue " to public comes to 30th March next year, when we complete the Info centre , install the initial database and prepare the opening ceremony , with all the thanksgiving to the firms and suppliers, concerts, exhibitions , interesting people. We will also introduce an office of the Biosphere Reserve, which will be located in the small building next to the synagogue;, and gradually show all the possibilities offered by our " House of Assembly" - thus instilling the original meaning of the word synagogue . JB