The former Ckyne synagogue from the year 1828 is - together with the synagogue in Bechyne - the oldest Jewish sanctuary in South Bohemia, the only one in the Prachatice district, and one of the last preserved village synagogues in our republic. The building is of a large, massy construction in simple Neo-classicism. It was devalued in the past in architectonic line by reconstruction and adaptation to a residential object and a craft. These was made in the main room of pray. On the other hand thanks to this the building was preserved, not destroyed as many other synagogues.

  Ing.Arch. František Petrlík from Ceske Budejovice drew up the Project of Reconstruction of the Ckyne Synagogue, that vindicated the building fully both in sacred and architectonic line. The synagogue was a property of Mr Spaninger, who had heritated it, as long as up the year 1989. On August 17, 1989 he sold it to Jednota, Vimperk Cooperative Society . On January 1, 1991 the newly established company gathered money from extinguishing former Region Office for Care of Historical Monuments and with help of that time mayor bought the building to the property of the Ckyne town. The Prague Jewish Community provided money for the project of restoration.

  In 1992 the reconstruction started. The former mayor of Ckyne deserved credit for the high district appropriation, but that time local building firm was not able to hold out, and after complicate negotiations the works were interrupted. New firm Tekton Volyne has met all our needs, and with help of the State Roof Fund the total reconstruction of the roof was finished in 1999. Up to this year all later made reconstructions were brought to the origin state, reconstruction of the ceiling was finished, and this year the front of the building. The present mayor arranged the lay-out of the surrounding and with his help it is possible to create these web sides. As the town is small, there is only one noted donator there, Mr Loffler. But number of small finance help comes from people all around the republic as well as the local ones. Mr Zelenka, an old church keeper from Vodnany, has been sending a regular sum of money every month for years. Thanks to all of them the work continues, though very slowly.

  We have applied several times for state financial help, but in vain so far, as the district had had more endangered monuments. But this year we have a chance, so a big effort is ahead of us to win the chance and obtain the money. The negotiations will start in spring.

  The synagogue is located in the centre of the town and dominates the surroundings. According to the research made in 1990 by Jan Muk the restoration is possible quite well. The aim of the Company is to help the synagogue in new function of the Jewish Museum of the Region; art gallery with works of significant local artists - some of them have donated their works to the synagogue already; and multi-specialized institution including a library, concert and lecture hall, and of course, the room of pray in the former winter one, that has been preserved in almost origin state. In the property of the Company there are several unique things from the origin synagogue, other things were promised to be lent by the Prague Jewish Museum, where numbers of objects from South Bohemia are in deposits.

  The runner of the building should be the District Office of Prachatice, the administration within the terms of reference of the Ckyne Municipality, and contents and programmes would be provided by the Company with help of our contacts and a network of supporters and patrons in a close co-operation with both two subjects noticed above. The total costs of the reconstruction work is estimated to be around 7 million crowns, further costs, e.g. equipment, mobiliary and decoration, restoration of origin paintings, arrangement of the garden, enclosing and security of the object, will be other 3 million.

  The reconstructed synagogue will follow suitably the finished Jewish cemetery, that is stated as an appreciate monument in international guide-books and often visited than. The preserved "aron ha-kodeš" - tora receptacle; a part of origin tora - see the picture; and an illusive altar are the uniques of their kind.

We look forward to your message and thank for your interest.

On behalf of the Company:

Jindra Bromová, chairwoman
15 Zahoricko, 384 81 Ckyne

PhDr Jan Podlesak, deputy chairman
1021/8 Bezdrevska Street
370 11 Ceske Budejovice