Dear Mr. Loeffler,

allow me to send you some emails I got from my friend Alex Woodle, who´s been one of the first ones who helped with the synagogue, just as you have. You may read the Avoyatanu issue from the May 2008. It is on our web side, too. 
We are facing the problem to share so much money in one year, one for the Ministry of Culture, and the EU project. At the same time we are seeking money for the restoration of the 1836-year-old piano for the main room (in the origin winter prey room there will be an organ), origin Aron ha Kodeš both in the main and in the winter prey rooms, and finally the origin Ckyne Torah itself. 
I appreciate your effort in the EU project very much, I am sure it was your speech that turned the things in our favour. 
Please, will you be of any help again.
You are heartily invited to see the reconstruction work on the frescoes in the main prey room, including the origin Aron ha Kodeš. It is running just now and will have been finished by the end of November.


Dear Mrs. Bromova,

Thank you for your interesting statement and thank you for your enormous commitment.

We will support the synagogue in Ckyne this year as well, as in the previous years.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards,

Hermann J. Loeffler



Last week Lourdes and I came from Prague in one of the most interesting trips of our lives. We have to thank Hanna for a couple of warnings that she had for us:
  1) Take warm clothing: we took it, and we did need it.
  2) Prague will need some time to visit it well. Hanna was right again. We did not have enough time. We have to go back.
  Outstanding personalities in our trip:
  1) Achab Haidler: Unique, generous and special individual. Actor and director in a Prague theater. His passion is working in Jewish Cemeteries of Bohemia and reporting, completing lists, translating the gravestones from Hebrew. Cleaning, fixing, uncovering the tombstones and researching their secrets hidden by the workings of time or anything else. He does that on his free time!: weekends, vacations. He sleeps and camp outdoors while working. He appears oblivious to weather, seasons, and temperature. His Dog accompanies him. He should be doing this job full time. I think that it is his calling. I do hope he gets the financial support to do that one day. His list of the Cemetery of Ckyne allowed me to know that there were Fantes from the area, and allowed me to get in touch with a new wise and generous cousin: Alexander Woodle, whose help has been invaluable. He had done lot of research for his family including the Fantes(es).
  2) Chubbie: Achab's Dog. A well-behaved energetic and playful African Dog.
  3) Julius Muller: A PhD in Biochemistry and a genealogist. A clever man and a good person without a doubt. He is a master in researching Czech Archives and has an incredible insight in where to look for missing links. He had provided a great deal of the information about Fantes. For instance: uncovering the connections of Ignaz, Joseph, Jakob, Josefine Dubsky and their connections to Ckyne, Straz, Jindrchuv Hrade. Also found out the trades of some of those Fantes.
  4) Josef Lavicka: Matrikar of the city of the City of Ckyne. A generous Czech who goes out of his way to help
  5) Jindra Bromova: Coordinating a Project of recovery of Ckyne's Synagogue that has the ultimate goal of transforming it in the Jewish Museum of the Town. Probably, the museum will be the best witness for the Jewish families who helped to build the Synagogue. ...all of the article

I have recently returned from a very interesting genealogical journey of discovery to my family's ancestral shtetls in the South and West Bohemia regions of the Czech Republic.
  I traveled with the film production company that the Ellis Island Museum hired to make short documentary films on the major ethnic groups who immigrated to America. My researcher, Julius Muller of Prague, well-known to many of you, arranged for us to meet with some very interesting people and set up filming arrangements at the Archives in Prague.
  Achab Haidler joined us in the village of Ckyne (Ch keen YAH) in South Bohemia to interpret the inscriptions on the gravestones in the cemetery.
  We also met with and interviewed an elderly woman who recalls the day remaining Jews of Ckyne were deported and still remembers all the family names. ...all of the article