The Company for Restoration of the Ckyne Synagogue was established in late 1990, when the future of the dilapidated building started to be pondered over. The synagogue is located in a small town Čkyně, former village in South Bohemia near Vimperk town and German border. Former owners were partly of Jewish origin and they bought the building from the local Jewish community after its moving to bigger Vimperk. In the 80thies they sold it to the Jednota trade firm and it has been abandoned since. Our company managed to buy it back to the property of Čkyně municipality with help of former regional department of culture.

  In following years the Project of Renovation was financed by the Prague Jewish Community and the District Department of Culture in Prachatice supported preparatory works, pulled down the later floor and bars, rebuilt origin window arcs and also new windows were prepared. The firm, however, was not up to its engagements, and since we have had a perfect co-operation with the Tekton Volyně building firm. The total renovation of the roof was finished in 1999, thanks to the State Roof Foundation.

  Since this year we have been trying to obtain some other sum of money to continue the works, but in vain. The State Foundation for Monument Preservation assists only the monuments coming to ruin.The district helped us with a small amount each year, big gratitude belongs to Mr. Loeffler, the owner of the Loeffler Kunstwerk factory close to Čkyně, with his help we were able to go on. The origin ceiling was repaired and this year it is a new front facade, putting back to the origin state later made adaptations. This web pages are thanks to him as well, and thanks to the Ckyne municipality.

  Through annual performances, given straight in the former winter room of prayer, we have been pointing out the fact there is a Neo-Renaissance synagogue, the only one in the district of Prachatice, originated in the year 1828. There are only few village synagogues in our country, and this one is possible to put to the origin state. And more the simple style of local builders has reflected in the elements not used for decoration with any other synagogue: the Eye of Lord on the front, and the figural fresco on the illusive altar in the main room of prayer. Both of the rooms have an extraordinary acoustics, the building itself offers a wide choice of possibilities for culture, education, and community centre. The performances we held were attended by a number of people from quite a long distance. Nothing similar is neither in both the district cities, nor in Vimperk. The boundary area of the Šumava mountains does not give a lot of opportunities for entertainment.

  The local Jewish cemetery links up the synagogue, and that is the one of the most beautiful and preserved one in our country, thanks to our member, Dr Jan Podlešák and his so far twenty-five-year effort. A room of piety is a part of it, devoted to the Jewish citizens from Čkyně and surroundings who died after the occupation during the World War II.

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